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Workshop: Negotiating for Mutual Benefits & Long-Term Relationships

With the ever increasing importance of outsourcing and suppliers to today’s high-tech manufacturing environment, being able to build long-term relationships and negotiating for shorter-term mutual benefits is a strategic skill. This module will teach participants how to plan and execute efficient and effective negotiations from either the buyer’s or seller’s side of the table.

An outgrowth of the trend toward global outsourcing in high tech manufacturing is the strategic necessity of being a skilled negotiator. How do you guarantee capacity in booming markets? How do you share the risks in downturns? How do you obtain and maintain low cost structures compared to your competitors, while developing and growing deep and lasting relationships with your suppliers?

TechZecs, LLC can train your procurement and product development team leaders in the skills needed for strategic negotiation. We have a proven negotiation planning process based on the latest academic research and the best practices in the world. With our process and the skills you practice, you can win short term benefits and simultaneously build long-term strategic relationships with your outsourcing partners.

Our two-day workshop provides an overview of this process. It is designed for professionals who manage your supply chain and are responsible to negotiate contracts and build strategic supplier relationships. It is also highly valuable for product development executives and project managers who often are key contributors to the selection and success of outsourcing.

Workshop Outline:

  • What is a Negotiation? Competitive Battle or Creative Opportunity for Innovation.
  • Research Findings and Key Concepts
  • Process for Planning a Negotiation
  • Practical Team Exercise in Developing a Negotiation Plan
  • Skills in Executing a Negotiation
  • Practice in Negotiating for Mutual Benefit

Benefits to Attendees:

  • An understanding of the current research and theories on negotiation
  • A much more complete team understanding of the benefits, necessity, and elements of a process for planning a strategic negotiation
  • Team experience in planning and executing a successful negotiation.


The workshop is open to a class size of 8 to 15 people.

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