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TechZecs offers a series of interactive workshops complementing our core processes for improving or transforming technology companies for high profitability and growth. These workshops can be delivered to your team of managers and professionals on-site, or in some cases remotely.

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Transforming a Start-Up into a Profitable Growth Company

Startup technology companies thrive on great ideas and long hours to meet scheduled milestones and investor expectations.

However, when a certain size and organizational complexity occurs, individual founders and managers can no longer expect to meet critical growth needs without introducing stable business policies and processes. Many companies fail because they do not take steps to replace heroics with proven, robust processes.

In this workshop, we will learn a straight forward and logical way for such companies to add the needed process infrastructure and take the next step to profitable growth.

1 day
Mission and Vision The foundation for any business or group is a clear understanding of the Mission . Get the foundation right and the structure goes together well. Get it wrong, and you’ll be sorry. In this workshop, we clarify your group’s Mission and paint a compelling Vision of life in the group when the Mission is fulfilled. 1 day
Leading a Virtual Business Most businesses now operate with workers, departments and partners that are not collocated; indeed they may be spread over large geographic distances and time zones. Modern communications tools and the Internet make it possible and even preferable to run businesses remotely, but the lack of traditional face-to-face interactions can cause fatal pitfalls. Business processes, policies and behaviors must be designed carefully to avoid these pitfalls. 1 day
Market Requirements Discovery - Introduction Most companies are good at developing valuable solutions, but they are not good at discovering real customer pain and unmet needs. This workshop teaches the best techniques for collecting rich data on customer unmet needs and processing those data into robust and prioritized market requirement definitions. 1 to 2 days
Customer Segmentation Many companies segment their customers in the wrong way, causing a mismatch in developing winning solutions, creating the right marketing message, and targeting the right customers. We teach the right way to segment customer, by common unmet needs. 1/2 to 1 day
Value Proposition When you understand a target customer segment and their unmet needs, the next step is to develop a complete and compelling value proposition to meet those needs – not just a technology. In this workshop, we learn how to complete the Value Proposition and compare ours with other potential customer solutions. 1 to 2 days
Aligning Strategy and Operations Strategic planning must ultimately result in executable short-term objectives and projects. In this module, we will learn how to develop functional, department, and even individual objectives that align with overall company strategy. 3 days
Project Management
The traditional “Push”- scheduled project is no longer the best or fastest way for a project team to achieve its objectives. We use concept from modern Supply Chain management to show how projects can be completed faster and better, especially in remote collaborative teams. 1/2 day
Just Enough Product Development Process

>In a high-mix environment, how do we introduce standard processes without adding unnecessary bureaucracy? In this module, we will learn to implement scalable, multi-function, coordination processes to create, develop, and launch new products.


1 to 2 days
Collaborating Remotely for New Product Development Most companies now develop products with teams that span geographies, time-zones, cultures and even enterprises. In this module, we will learn the best techniques for managing the collaboration infrastructure and for designing the collaboration culture for lightning-speed product development. 1 day
Design for Outsource Manufacturing Outsource manufacturing is the latest trend to build and deliver products faster and cheaper, but these advantages can be lost if the product is not designed for outsourcing. This module teaches teams how to design hardware and software with outsource manufacturing in mind. 1 day
Negotiating for Mutual Benefits & Long-Term Relationships With the ever increasing importance of outsourcing and suppliers to today’s high-tech manufacturing environment, being able to build long-term relationships and negotiating for shorter-term mutual benefits is a strategic skill. This module will teach participants how to plan and execute efficient and effective negotiations from either the buyer’s or seller’s side of the table. 1 to 2 days
Calling on Executive Customers Carefully planned executive visits with specific objectives can be highly effective and productive when the participants are properly trained. Yes – executives and account managers can be trained to maximize the value of meetings with their counterparts at the customer site. 1/2 to 1 day
Supply Chain Management for High-Mix Products High-volume manufacturers compete on the basis of supply chain management effectiveness. Low- and medium-volume,  high-mix manufacturers can take advantage of many of these techniques, with some critical differences. We will learn techniques for lowering cost and speeding delivery for high-mix products and systems. 1 day
Strategic Outsourcing The decision to outsource is a strategic one and must be well planned and executed. Many OEM’s are moving in this direction in order to create more organizational focus on product and market strategies, to create a more variable cost structure, and to reduce their asset base. 1 day
Leading High-Performance Teams

Today, most organizations utilize teamwork to achieve their most strategic goals. However, more often than not the power of teamwork is not realized due to poorly functioning teams or team structures that are sub-optimal.

High-performing teams can deliver results that far exceed what a typical team can do. So the question is, how can you lead your team to achieve extraordinary results?

1 day


More detailed descriptions of each module are available upon request. We can deliver any of these workshops at your location of choice. Some of the workshops are also available remotely using the internet.


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