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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why should I seek outside help for Integrating my acquisition? +

    A: The integration of two companies or even departments is not trivial and is full of risk. You can easily lose key people and processes, lose important customers and spend vast amounts of money unnecessarily - wasting any value gained from the merger. Internal resources may not be trained or experienced in leading integration, and many times they have other important responsibilities. Successful mergers always involve carefully planned integration projects led by a trained and experienced integration program manager.
  • When in the course of the deal should I start thinking about integration? +

    A: Integration planning should be part of the Due Diligence process because the planning itself will uncover potential risks and liabilities that may not come out of other Due Diligence studies. For example: perhaps the incentives for Manufacturing Engineers in the target company are vastly different then those of the acquiring company - a sign that key people may leave.
  • Why should an interim executive work for my company? +

    A: An interim executive is often the best solution for many problems. For example, suppose that your company has recently lost a key executive (voluntarily or otherwise). It usually takes time and effort to replace that person - time and effort that are taken away from achieving key milestones, completing programs, managing people, and making customer contacts - especially during a merger. Even when a new executive arrives, it can be months before he or she is up to speed. A TechZecs Principal can step in immediately, evaluate the situation, get up to speed in a few critical areas rapidly and effectively manage people, programs and processes.
  • Will the morale of our workers be adversely affected if the executive is temporary? +

    A: In our experience, the morale of company employees increases when a TechZecs Principal arrives on the job. This increase is because the employees respond to the positive step of providing professional management continuity while the search is on for the right candidate, or while the organization is redesigned. TechZecs Principals are sensitive and experienced in dealing with personnel situations and willing to act as a leader and coach through these transformations.
  • How about the morale of the executive peers? +

    A: Executive peers have been very receptive to TechZecs Principals. They appreciate the professionalism and experience, and the total lack of political ambitions within the company. We have been told that the objectivity of TechZecs Principals is highly valued in strategic planning.
  • How do we compensate TechZecs for this service? How much does it cost? +

    A: TechZecs Principals work for a daily rate. The rates are reasonable and comparable to a management consultant at this level. We invoice only for time actually spent on your job, not for travel or overhead time. We invoice monthly for professional services, with travel and other extraordinary expenses called-out separately.
  • Will you share risks or work for stocks or options? +

    A: Since TechZecs Principals are interim executives with no long-term management ambitions for the company, we prefer to work for a set rate or fee. However we will negotiate, depending upon the situation.
  • What is a typical scenario for a TechZecs engagement? +

    A: Typically, companies hire TechZecs Principals on a one- to three-days per week basis. The Principal travels to your site or to customer, partner, supplier or investor sites for most of this time, and may work remotely for some of the time. Since they work by the hour, the Principals schedule their time carefully while working - we are not just "there" doing overhead or personal positioning activities. TechZecs Principals are trained and skilled in effective meeting diggy auto insurance management, project and program management and strategic leadership.
  • Will TechZecs help me find a permanent replacement for the position? +

    A: Although we are not Executive Recruiters, TechZecs will help you to qualify and hire permanent executives for the replacement job. We are expert at interviewing and skills assessment, and the professional networks of our Principals run deep.
  • Suppose I want to keep my TechZecs Principal as a permanent executive? How can I do it? +

    A: TechZecs Principals have been selected on the basis that they have completed a successful career as a permanent executive and now enjoy contributing in an interim capacity. However it is certainly possible that a TechZecs Principal would consider such an offer. If both parties agreed, then TechZecs would ask for a sum of one-fourth of the first year salary plus bonuses from the hiring company to compensate for our investment in the Principal.
  • How do I end an engagement with TechZecs? +

    A: At the outset, we establish a target end date and total expense for the TechZecs engagement. Usually there are key milestones and goals to be achieved during this time: for example the successful recruitment of a permanent hire, or the achievement of a funding round or a product launch. It is not uncommon for the TechZecs Principal to be asked to stay longer than the initial plan. This scenario is certainly possible and negotiable at the time.
  • What if I am not satisfied with my TechZecs Principal? +

    A: The TechZecs contract is written such that either party may terminate the agreement at any time with one week's notice. Although it has not yet happened, we recognize the possibility that the Principal assigned may not work out in the job for some reason. We will negotiate in good faith to replace that Principal with a more suitable person or provide other compensating services.
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TechZecs, LLC
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Dr. Scott S. Elliott
Telephone: +1.415.830.5520

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