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Wednesday, 12 September 2012 16:12

New Media or Social Media - What's the Difference?

by Andy McCaskey, Principal

We are fast approaching the state that connects almost anyone on the planet via the internet, now under its most recent moniker, “Social Media”. Understanding a bit about the relative position of Social Media in the world of New Media can offer an executive a deeper understanding of the changing landscape and help channel its flash, sizzle and current “trendiness” into useful business goals such as setting strategy, anticipating and mitigating risk, product development, and competitive awareness.

We define New Media as informal content, distributed via the internet, and produced and consumed by both internal and external audiences. Social Media (Somed) is both a subset of this definition and a distribution channel for New Media content.

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by Scott S Elliott, Principal and Founder

Online Social Networking is for teenagers and geeks - right? Not any more. Many professionals and executives are using social networking to increase their creativity and productivity, to meet peers and experts, to find and make deals, and to enhance their careers.

 All executives spend most of their time networking. Networking is what happens in meetings, on teleconferences, at group lunches, visits with customers, doing email or just talking in the hallway. These forms of networking get work done and keep the company going, but they are generally restricted to a relatively small "molecule" of coworkers, suppliers and customers. This "closed" networking group can lead to a stagnation of ideas and behaviors that is not good for the company, or for the careers of individuals.

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By: Scott S. Elliott, Principal and Founder, TechZecs
We have all seen the headlines: "Worker gets fired for criticizing boss on Facebook", "Tweet inadvertently reveals features of new product under development",  "Company sued by employee for IM harassments", "Politician resigns due to lewd posts on dating website", etc. The exploding variety of Social Media channels, along with traditional digital networking are power tools for a world of new ways for companies and employees to communicate and collaborate. But power tools can kill. Emails, tweets, IMs and posts are very difficult to undo.

As business leaders, we need clear policies and incentives on how employees and partners should access and use these digital media in away that reflects well on our brand. Coming from our TechZecs position of maximizing employee/partner empowerment and trust, here are some ideas indeveloping those policies:

Forget trying to withhold access - it doesn't work for Middle-East despots and it won't work for you. With smart phones and similar devices, anyone can get anywhere on the internet at any time. So let's use a more common sense approach.

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