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by Andy McCaskey, Principal 

Few aspects of business communications are changing as rapidly as the in-person tradeshow event. Recent trends in technology can amplify or eliminate the competitive advantage that a heavy trade show investment provided just a few years ago. [Reference]

Here are some tips on techniques and equipment that we recently deployed while providing New Media style coverage of a very large industry trade show event, along with some things to think about that will spark ideas for your next live trade show event.

The impact of connected mobile devices around the world has greatly increased the expectations of would-be trade show attendees and exhibitors alike. Advances in wireless networks with the new broadband wireless standards, powerful tablets and ubiquitous smartphone availability offer your company opportunities to involve more people with your product in its best light over a longer period of time. For a powerful combination, split your team into two groups - one at the trade event and the other in their normal home office locations, but still dedicated to the event.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011 00:00

Leveraging Your Core Competencies

From Kunio Hasebe and Scott S. Elliott - TechZecs, LLC Principals

Knowing the core competencies of your organization helps you to focus on your strengths and to create significant competitive advantages.

Core competencies are a combination of unique skills, pooled knowledge, technical capabilities, company and personal connections, intellectual property, and cultural values that have accrued in the organization that allow it to develop and deliver value.

A start-up or growing company may first try to identify, and then focus on, its core competencies. Over time, the company may develop key areas of expertise which are distinctive and critical to the company’s long term growth, allowing it to establish a footprint while gaining a solid reputation and brand recognition.

The criteria for identifying a core competency are:

  • It is something we know or do as well as or better than anyone else in the world,
  • It provides clear customer benefits,
  • It is not easy for competitors to imitate, and
  • It can be leveraged to variety of products and markets.
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