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Social Innovation (5)

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by Helen Fu Thomas, Principal

I was first introduced to LinkedIn in 2005.  Soon after a reduction in force at my company, one of my laid-off subordinates asked for my endorsement.  In order to do her this well-deserved favor, I had to sign-up and create my account on LinkedIn; then I pretty much forgot about it.  I had a one-track mind in my career, and I felt that LinkedIn was just a “distractAion”.  If I wasn’t looking for a job, why did I need it?  And then my perception changed as I realized it’s a great professional network where creditable information and mutual respect can be shared.

What I liked about LinkedIn as a useful tool was its starting profile template with an output looking like a well-designed document.  Once I discovered that, I did an experiment and pulled together a presentable PDF to use as curriculum vitae(CV) with endorsements from people with whom I had worked.  It was fun getting in touch with people with whom I had not spoken for a while, and learning their perspectives.  It brought tears and laughs.

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by Andy McCaskey, Principal

Stepping up your game is essential in today’s media. Even if you have traditional outbound marketing and PR coverage for your company and products, it’s a smart move to have a person or team with the right skill set designated to follow your company, industry and competitors on Social Media and a variety of New Media channels.

Don’t Outsource Your Personality

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made in the space is to outsource your presence to a third party that specializes in “content”. Such companies promise to fuel your brand with content marketing and social media posts, providing a full service from infographics to “SEO optimized” content, and a turnkey presence on “all” the social media channels. If you take this approach, your indexing may improve but people that sample your content will be turned off,  because every industry has markers of genuine understanding. If you outsource the core of your personality, you should be prepared for ineffectual and expensive results.

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By Robert L. Carman, Principal

Outsourcing has become commonplace and in many cases required in order to keep the financial burden of staying near the cutting edge of so many associated technologies, both product and manufacturing process based.  The problems with outsourcing are frequently tied to the management and implementation techniques and processes.  We forget that in the old vertically integrated company, most of these capabilities were the source of our competitive advantage, and we don’t establish the proper relationships to allow the new multi-company enterprise to retain many of those competitive advantages.  Dr. Scott Elliott wisely suggested that we treat key suppliers as family, but what does this entail? 

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by Scott S.Elliott, Principal and Founder

Every business leader faces the "make or buy" decision many times. He or she must answer: "what are our core competencies to be kept in-house, and what should we purchase or outsource?" Most technology businesses have evolved from the "vertically integrated" concepts of the 1960s and 1970s - where supplies were only materials and commodities -  to much more flexible and largely outsource-driven business models today. In the extreme, a few companies outsource almost everything, just taking orders and controlling the flow of finished goods from suppliers to customers.

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By: Scott S. Elliott, Principal and Founder, TechZecs
We have all seen the headlines: "Worker gets fired for criticizing boss on Facebook", "Tweet inadvertently reveals features of new product under development",  "Company sued by employee for IM harassments", "Politician resigns due to lewd posts on dating website", etc. The exploding variety of Social Media channels, along with traditional digital networking are power tools for a world of new ways for companies and employees to communicate and collaborate. But power tools can kill. Emails, tweets, IMs and posts are very difficult to undo.

As business leaders, we need clear policies and incentives on how employees and partners should access and use these digital media in away that reflects well on our brand. Coming from our TechZecs position of maximizing employee/partner empowerment and trust, here are some ideas indeveloping those policies:

Forget trying to withhold access - it doesn't work for Middle-East despots and it won't work for you. With smart phones and similar devices, anyone can get anywhere on the internet at any time. So let's use a more common sense approach.

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